About Glacier Gun Dog Club

The excerpt below was taken from the 2012 Club newsletter, written by then Club President Dick Walker, marking the 20 year anniversary of the club.  It is a fitting tribute to the resiliency of the club and its members, past and present.  His words ring just as true today as when they were written.

In the spring of 1992, the Glacier Gun Dog club was organized at a meeting held at the new Fish Wildlife and Parks building on Meridian in Kalispell.  About 40 people showed up, and from a nucleus of club organizers, a group of officers and board members were chosen to set up goals, bylaws and activities.

A diverse bunch from different backgrounds and social strata, our common bond was all things ‘gun dog’.  The glue that has held the club together has been the fun hunts.  The very first one was held at Van Voasts and we used pheasants. In the life of our club, we have seen our dogs improve, our training is better and for some, our shooting is better….or not.  We have seen many puppies turn into good and then great dogs. Just ask some of the older members about; Jake and Bo, Raska, Chance, Lena and Molly, Greta, Terra, Hanna, Ranger, Creedy and Abby, Birdie and many other past partners.  Ask about Frank and Kerm, Walt and Barry.  Men who loved their dogs and their sport and who were a joy to spend time with. 

Many of my closest friends have been club members past and present and I have truly enjoyed watching all the dogs.  The cooperation and camaraderie of members and the joy of watching all kinds and talents of good dogs is the essence of the Glacier Gun Dog Club.

- Dick Walker, 2012