Fun Hunts

Fun hunts provide members an opportunity to work with their dogs and sharpen their shooting skills.

Each spring, Glacier Gun Dog Club hosts 3 “fun hunts” (mini- field trials). Learn more and register to participate in  one of our upcoming events!



The object is to find, shoot, and bag three birds in the least amount of time, using the minimum number of shells. The rules are as follows:

    1. The most important thing to remember is safety! There are always people around so be aware of the spectators, dogs, and other hunters! We hope you enjoy the Fun Hunt, and remember that the rules are in place to benefit all teams involved, and ensure everyone’s safety!
    2. If, in the opinion of the judges or field marshal, a hunter exhibits any unsafe or dangerous behavior either on the grounds or on the course, the hunter will be disqualified without refund of entry fee (i.e., gun safety, dog fighting, etc.).
    3. Score keepers and hunters must wear eye protection and at least one piece of blaze orange clothing (coat, vest or hat).
    4. No alcohol will be allowed on the grounds until the last run has been completed for the day.
    1. One hunter at a time will work a marked field. Hunters may not go outside the marked area during their hunt, but a dog may go outside to make a retrieve.
    2. The hunter will not be allowed to watch the preceding run or the stocking of their own run. The hunter will not be allowed to communicate with spectators while in the field. Each competitor will be escorted to the appropriate field and must register with the field marshal 45 minutes prior to his/her run.
  3. SCORING: For the Fun Hunt, each hunter will be scored using the following point system:
    1. 10 points for each bird bagged (30 points max.)
    2. 5 points for each retrieved bird (15 points max.)
    3. 5 points for each shell not used (15 points max.)
    4. 1 point for each minute not used in the 15 minute time period
    5. NOTE: Each hunter is allowed 6 shells and is awarded 5 points for each shell not used, up to a maximum of 15 points.
    1. Three birds will be planted for each hunter.
    2. Only shotguns (any gauge) are allowed. Each hunter will furnish his own shells.
    3. Each hunter is to hunt the course at a traditional walked pace behind the dog. Running on the course will mean disqualification.
    4. A dog handler may have someone shoot for him, but the gunner must stay within 15 feet of the handler.
    5. Score keepers are the only people who may accompany a hunting team onto the field.
    6. All dogs must be kept on a leash when not on the course. Absolutely no female dogs in season will be allowed on the grounds.
    1. The hunter will be allowed to re-position him/herself to maintain eye contact with the dog to handle the downed bird.
    2. A retrieve will be considered completed if the hunter does not take more than two (2) steps toward the dog after the downed bird is located. Hand signals and whistles are acceptable.
    1. The hunter or scorekeeper may call a safety. The bird will be counted as bagged and the scorekeeper will take 1 shell from the hunter and count the shell as used.  
    2. A safety is any shot that could in anyway put spectators at risk of injury or damage property.
  7. BIRDS
    1. Shooting birds on the ground is not allowed. All birds must be off the ground a minimum of three (3) feet before being shot in order to be counted as a bagged bird.
    2. If a bird flies in and lands close to the hunter so as to make an easy find, the judge may either direct the hunter away from that spot, or stop the clock, have the bird flushed and killed, restart the clock and continue the hunt. This bird will not be counted for score, nor the shells used in killing it.
    3. TRAPPED BIRDS:  A bird trapped by the dog may be counted as a bagged bird.  The scorekeeper will take one shell from the hunter and count the shell as used for fire.
    4. DEAD BIRDS: A dead bird found on the course from a previous run shall not be counted as a bagged bird.
    1. In the event of a tie, two birds will be planted for each hunter and each hunter will have 15 minutes to obtain the higher score.
    2. The point system for this tiebreaker will be the same as those outlined in rule #3.
    3. The higher score will become the winner of the placement and the lower score will become the winner of the next lower placement.
  9. NOTE
    1. To register more than 1 dog per event, please open up (click) each individual event and purchase the appropriate number of registrations (1 entry per dog per event). 
    2. Remember each dog can only make one run per event, and a maximum of three dogs per owner in each event!